The effect of the whole is magical and in the view of many represents the finest commissioned work in Ulster for many years.

Dr Raymond Maw, The Royal Hospitals Trust in Belfast 2004
Life Span, Falls Road Belfast

...the memorial in essence mirrors the technological boom time we live in.

Charmaine Spencer, Evening Mail 1995

Tony Hancok Memorial

The completed project is extremely successful. The images in the individual panels are dramatically realistic and the whole project sits well in the visual context of the station buildings.

Forge magazine 1999

Concourse, Wimbledon Station

...the images change as the sea and sky surge behind the holes, conjuring up not only giggly references to From Here to Eternity/ Kiss Me Quick, but also serious points about family and sexual love of different orientations. The work is as solid as a battleship, but still manages to look light and dynamic.

Beryl Graham, San Francisco Camerawork Journal of Photographic Arts 1993
Kiss Wall, Brighton sea front

Photo © Roger Bamber 2003